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domingo, 16 de março de 2014

Trouble in Minsk - Belarus

See Nino Maisuradze description of the troubles there. A shame for such an important city.

In Minsk tournament: Arriving in the airport, visa cost for 2 persons, suprising 360€. Orginizers never prevented us about this and recomended us to get visas in the airport. Next step, arriving in the hotel, receptionist saying: you aren't on the list. Arriving to organizer for feeding money "you aren't on the list". Arriving about plane ticket money, organizer: "you aren't on the list". After 5 days of waiting a stupid organizer saying: oh you look upset. YESSS, I'm UPSET!!! I was waiting organizer to say: oh you aren't on the list, but it's ok, we are going to correct this mistake, but instead she said: come tomorrow and we we'll discuss about. Came on next day, she said, oh come after 2 days, went after 2 days, she said, oh come before the round. Came today before the round, she didn't come, appeared on last minutes and said come after the round. I came after the round, and when I heard the words "tomorrow (!!!!) to discuss" I got mad !!!!!! The idiot organizer to me: oh, you look emotional! YESSSS, I'M EMOTIONALLLL! Then I said that their organisation was bad.. and guess.. she got mad at me :DDDDDDD

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